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Product Warranty

1. Period and Scope of Product Warranty by TOKYO KEISO CO., LTD.

Thank you for using our products. Unless otherwise specified in quotations, contracts, specifications or others, the period and scope of the warranty of the delivered products shall be as follows.


1. Warranty period
The duration of warranty period of the delivered products shall be 18 months after delivery or 12 months after start of operation whichever comes first. The duration of warranty period of the portion repaired at customers' expense at our factory shall be 6 months after the repair.


2. Scope of the warranty
The delivered products have been manufactured under the optimum quality control. If any failure occurs within the warranty period and cause of the failure lies with TOKYO KEISO, the damaged part(s) shall be repaired or replaced free of charge at our factory.
Even during the warranty period, the following cases are excluded from our scope of the warranty.


· Failure(s) caused by improper service conditions, environments, handling or operation that are not allowed or not described in the catalogues, instruction manuals or specifications.
· Failure(s) or breakdown(s) caused by improper handling or transportation after delivery.
· Failure(s) caused by products supplied by others. · When caused by using the consumables supplied by others.
· When caused by external factors such as fire, earthquake, flood damage, lightening or other natural disasters, and pollution, salt damage or other environmental hazards.
· When caused by repairs or modifications conducted by others, neither by us nor our service agents.


The Product Warranty covers the delivered products only. The Product Warranty does not cover any consequential damage arising from the failure(s) of the delivered products. The consequential damage means any damage or loss of the related machines or equipment, and any lost profit or lost opportunities.