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1954 Established as the first manufacturer of Variable Area Flowmeter in Japan
by Mr. T. Takanoyama
1957 Level instruments (Mechanical) added to line
1969 Servo operated type Tank Gauge released
1972 Overseas Dept established
1973 Metal tube type Micro Flowmeter released
1977 Thermal Flowmeter released
1979 Tank gauges for Marine Tanker released
1980 Certified as the approved manufacturer by High-Pressure Gas Application Regulation
1981 Collaboration agreement with Krohne Messtechnik of Germany
Magnetic flowmeter newly released
1982 CATAMS (Computer-Aided Tank Monitoring System) introduced
1983 Thermal Mass Flowmeter released
Mag-Wheel Flowmeter released
1986 Mass Flow Controller released
Thermal Flowmeter (High Temperature version) released
1987 In-line type Ultrasonic Flowmeter released
Engine Blow-by Gas Measurement System released
Distributor agreement with Kistler-Morse of USA
1988 AM Series Compact V / A Meter released
Mass Flowmeter / Controller (High Pressure Version) released
Thermal Liquid Meter released
1989 Clamp-on type Ultrasonic Flowmeter released
1990 CALTIS (Cargo Level and Temp. Information System) released
ITMS (Integrated Tank Management System) released
1991 Mini-Thermal Flowmeter released
1993 Torque tube type Displacer Level Transmitter released
Hall element based Marine Level Sensor released
1994 Distributor agreement with McCrometer of USA
McCrometer's V-Cone introduced
UCUF PFA small size Ultrasonic Flowmeter released
1995 Distributor agreement with Auxitrol of France
Auxitrol's Marine Radar Gauge introduced
1996 Distributor agreement with MTS of USA
MTS's Magnetostrictive Transmitter introduced
1997 Flow Level Engineering (S.E.A) Pte Ltd, (Joint Venture Co.)
established in Singapore
1998 New President, Dr. T. Sugi inaugurated
Company reorganized for the new century
Certification of ISO9001 obtained
1999 TOKYO KEISO KOREA established
Production factory established in Taiwan
2001 Yokohama Factory renewed and expanded
2002 Production factory established in Shanghai, China
2004 Local subsidiaries for sales and maintenance established in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia
2005 Local subsidiary company established in Shanghai in China
2007 Certification of ISO14001 obtained
2009 Production plant established in Fujian in China
Production plant established in Thailand
Joint company for production and sales established in Chongqing in China
2010 Local subsidiary company established in USA
2011 Okinawa factory established in Okinawa, Japan
2015 HAKUSAN BUSINESS CENTER established in Yokohama
2017 Osaka Branch Office established
2018 New CEO, Mr. Ryoichi Sugi inaugurated