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ISO9001 Certificate

Companywide Acquisition of ISO9001 with Total Quality Management as the Goal


Acquisition of ISO9001 Certificate


Rapid Changes in Management Environment.
In order to obtain customer reliance and satisfaction in a changing world involving an uncertain environment of severe competition, Tokyo Keiso is looking after stabilized corporate management and social contribution in all phases of products, service, personnel recruiting and activity processes with "Meet customer needs and ensure a stable supply of reliable products" as our Quality Policy.

We are thus making efforts to:
1. Further improve our product quality, reduce the quality cost, and strengthen international competitiveness
2. Respond to customer desires for acquisition of ISO certificates
3. Implement a quality management system through ordinary daily activities of all employees. The final goal is continuously improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the management system so as to make the quality management system function organically truly in our corporate management.

Contents of Quality Management System Registration

(1) Applicable standards: ISO 9001 : 2015
JIS Q 9001 : 2015
(2) Date of registration: February 20, 1998
(3) Registration certificate Nos. JQA 2172
(4) Certifying organization: Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)
(5) Registered range of activities: i.   Design, development, manufacture and sales of flow meters and level gauges, and providing supplementary services (maintenance, inspection, repair, and service parts supply)
ii.   Sales of flow meters and level gauges, and providing appurtenant services (maintenance, inspection, repair, and service parts supply)