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Privacy Policy

1. About Privacy Policy

Welcome to the website of Tokyo Keiso Co., Ltd.(Called as "Tokyo Keiso" here after). Before using this website, please read the following statement about Privacy Policy of Tokyo Keiso for the purpose of the protection of the security of the personal information of the users of this website.


Tokyo Keiso recognizes and understands that it is a fundamental and social responsibility of a company to protect the security of the personal information of all users of this website from unauthorized use and to keep the information strictly in confidence in the light of the importance of such information. Accordingly, Tokyo Keiso will manage your personal information in accordance with the following Privacy Policy in order to protect the security of such information appropriately.

1. Submitting personal information to Tokyo Keiso
If it is necessary for Tokyo Keiso to collect your personal information to provide a service available on this website to you, Tokyo Keiso will explain the purpose to collect such information on each page of this website which requests you to provide your personal information. If you can not agree to such purpose, please do not submit your personal information to Tokyo Keiso. In this case, please note, however, that you may not be able to use some of the services available on this website in this case.

2. Use of personal information
Tokyo Keiso will use your personal information only for the purpose to which you can agree when submitting such information. Even if Tokyo Keiso needs to use your personal information for another purpose, Tokyo Keiso will not use such information unless you agree to such other purpose.

3. Security precautions to protect personal information Tokyo Keiso uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and other technology to ensure that you can safely submit your personal information to Tokyo Keiso through this website. Further, Tokyo Keiso uses reliable information management methods to protect against the loss, unauthorized access or leakage of your personal information received from you. Tokyo Keiso is constantly seeking ways to further enhance the security regarding your personal information.

4. Compliance with laws and regulations Tokyo Keiso will comply with the relevant laws and regulations of Japan about your personal information submitted to Tokyo Keiso through this website. Further, Tokyo Keiso will improve the protection of the security of your personal information to reflect any future changes in laws, regulations and/or the social environment

Date: April 1, 2005
Tokio Sugi, President

2. Encoding of the personal information by SSL

When the personal information is submitted by you through this website, Tokyo Keiso uses Secure Socket Layer (LLS), carries out the encoding of the personal information in preparation of the unauthorized access by a third party, and tries hard to be able to ensure a security in the rational scope.                

3. Utilization of "Web Beacon" as "statistics tool"

This website has the page with "Web Beacon" which is the know-how to grasp how many times a customer accessed to the particular page.

4. Utilization of "Statistics tool"

Tokyo Keiso uses the statistics tool for grasping the access condition by whole customers, and Tokyo Keiso will use the statistics obtained through this web site for the purpose of improvement of the web site.