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Flow12. Ultrasonic Flowmeters for process

Ultrasonic Flowmeters (for process)

We offer a variety of time-of-flight method (propagation time difference method) ultrasonic flowmeters for general piping and processes. The clamp-on type is a method in which the sensor is attached from the outside of the piping, allowing measurement without any contact with liquid. The in-line type uses a 3-beam system and enables highly accurate flow measurement.

Inline type

High precision model

Achieves high precision measurement using 3 beams (3 ultrasonic paths).  
Suitable for measuring flow rates of low conductivity liquids such as oil, solvents, boiler water, sugar solutions, etc.
The inside of the measuring tube has a straight structure with no moving parts, bends, or obstacles, so it has low pressure loss and is basically maintenance-free.

Clamp-on type

Standard model

Applicable to piping from DN25 to DN400. 
Equipped with RS485 / Modbus communication in addition to analog, pulse and status outputs

Higher spec model of UL330R

Flexible support for a wide range of piping from DN25 to DN1000.
RS-485 digital communication.

Multi-high grade model
UL6300 V2

Applicable to a wide range of piping from DN15 to DN4000.
Stable measurement using two ultrasonic paths(two sets of sensors installed in one pipe).
The flow rate of two pipes can be measured with one converter (install one set of sensors to each of the two pipes and measure the flow rate of the two pipes with one converter).