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Flow Sight glass type flow monitorSTK4000 Series

STK4000 Series

STK4000 Series PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The STK4000 series sight glass type flow monitors with flapper are designed for the ultimate cost performance. The flapper itself works as an indicator. Both fluid flow and flow rate can be monitored by watching the movement of the flapper through the scaled sight glass.


  • · Simple structure
  • · Easy monitoring of flow and state of fluids
  • · Flow monitoring by movement of flapper
  • · Easy maintenance
  • · Selectable flow direction

Short Specifications

Measuring fluid Water and water-like liquids that are transparent
Measurement range 0.6 to 600m³/h
Fluid temperature 0 to 80 °C
Fluid pressure 15A to 125A: 1.0MPa
150A: 0.8MPa
200A: 0.6MPa
250A.300A: 0.5MPa
Process connection Rc tapered female thread: 15A.20A
Flange: 25A to 300A
Accuracy ±5.0%F.S.
Flow direction Horizonal or vertical