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Level Digital / Analog IndicatorDIR-700-DB Ⅱ

DIR-700-DB Ⅱ


*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

DIR-700-DB Ⅱ is an indicator for tank data of cargo ship.
The following indications are integrated in compact housing (DIN96 × 96):
· Bar graph indication of level
· Digital indication selectable: Level, temperature and pressure
· Alarm status indication

Main specifications

Input RS232C (From DIR-M1600 Multi-monitor)
Bar graph of level indication (Always): 
Red LED, 0 to 100%, 50 + 1segments
Cargo data digital indication (Selectable): 
Red LED, 5 digits
Alarm status indication: 
Red LED, 2 digits (Alarm setting is conducted by DIR-M1600 Multi-monitor.)
Error indication: 
Red LED, 2 digits
Selected function indication: 
Red LED, 1 digit, 0 to 5
Status LED (Discretion of indication contents): 
Red and Yellow LED, 4 points in total
Power supply DC24V ± 10%
Power consumption Approx. 4VA
Ambient temperature -10 to +60°C
Ambient humidity 20 to 95%RH
Installation Panel mount, DIN 96 × 96