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Level Color LCD display type multi monitorSuper DIR-M3200/M8000

The multi monitor can be mixture connection SPT-3500N type tank gauge and each level, temperature and pressure sensor of 4-20mA output sensors.

Super DIR-M3200/M8000


*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Improvement of expression ability by adoption color LCD display and on all tank data display.
Using fixed software corresponding to all tankers. Accordingly I realized ministry space / ministry cost.

Specification of Super DIR-M3200

  • · Maximum input sensor: 32 sets
    a) 16 sets SPT-3500N + 16sets 4-20mA sensors
    b) 32 sets SPT-3500N or 4-20mA sensors
  • · Using color LCD display with touch panel
  • · All in one monitoring system equipment
  • · Same size for replacement of DIR-M1600

Specification of Super DIR-M8000

  • · Maximum input sensor: 80 sets
    (32 sets SPT-3500N + 48 sets 4-20mA sensors)
  • · Separate an interface unit and color LCD display unit
  • · Using 2 size color LCD display with touch panel
    (10.4 inch and 19 inch / Mixture connection)