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UW3000 PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The UW3000 is a compact, lightweight ultrasonic level monitor with excellent cost performance. The compact polypropylene body features a clean structure, which is ideal for managing the level of pure water, chemicals, and other liquids.

The DSP function ensures stable distance measurement. The graphic LCD shows reflection waveforms that are useful during installation and maintenance. In addition, the UW3000 can mask obstacles within the beam angle to avoid the influence of unnecessary reflection on measurement. Remote management can be achieved with 4–20 mA DC output, high and low limit alarms, and RS485 (MODBUS) communication. The UW3000 operates in the weir flowmeter mode as standard, enabling flow rates to be measured at V-notch and suppressed rectangular weirs.


  • · Compact, lightweight, and inexpensive
  • · Simple and clean construction made of polypropylene
  • · Can be used for semiconductor process tanks and food tanks since the UW3000 can measure levels without contacting the target liquid.
  • · The DSP function ensures stable distance measurement.
  • · The built-in graphic LCD indicates levels and ultrasonic reflection waveforms. Data can be set and changed easily with the key switches and LCD display.
  • · Can mask obstacles within the beam angle for accurate measurement.
  • · Can be remotely managed through 4–20 mA DC output, 2-point alarm output, and RS485 communication.
  • · Can measure distances of up to 10 m.
  • · Available with CE marking

Standard Specifications

Measuring objects Liquids
Measurement distance Max. 10 m
Operating temperature −20℃ to +70℃
Operating pressure Atmospheric pressure
Display accuracy ±0.25%F.S.
Main body and cover, Membrane: 
Polypropylene (PP)
Fluororubber (FKM)
Output Current, Alarm, Digital
Power supply 12–24 V DC±10%