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Level 2-Wire transmission typeTGR4500



*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

TGR4500 series is a unique 2-wire continuous level-measuring instrument using micro-pulse reflection.
A micro-pulse emitted from the electronics propagates along the probe and reflects on the surface of the product. The reflected pulse propagates back along the probe to the electronics. The level can be measured by computing the time interval between emission and receipt of the pulse.
Thanks to the probe, the efficiency of the micro-pulse propagation is high and dense. Thus only low energy is required even for the measurement of low dielectric constant product. Temperature, pressure and density change will not influence the measurement. High accuracy measurement and measurement in narrow spaces are also possible.
Thanks to the 2-wire loop powered system, reduction of cable cost and installation cost are available.


  • · Micro-pulse achieves high accuracy regardless of the temperature and pressure change, vapor and dust of the tank
  • · Density or temperature change of measuring liquid will not affect the measuring accuracy
  • · Easy change of the basic settings and confirmation of the identifying value, with the display unit
  • · Non-moving parts guarantee maintenance-free operation
  • · Thanks to the 2-wire loop powered system, reduction of cable and installation cost are possible
  • · Thanks to the 2-wire loop powered system, revamp from other devices is also available easily
  • · The device is delivered with factory setting, and therefore no need for field calibration

Short Specifications

Probe type TGR4511
Single rod probe
Single cable probe
Twin cable probe
Coaxial probe
Probe length
3m 24m 24m 3m
Probe diameter φ8mm φ4mm φ4mm φ28mm
Probe material Stainless steel (SS316) Stainless steel
FEP coated probe
Stainless steel
FEP (Spacer)
Stainless steel (SS316),
PTFE (Spacer)
G1" Male screw
1" NPT Male screw
G1-1/2" Male screw
1-1/2" NPT Male screw
G1" Male screw
1" NPT Male screw
>2.3 >2.3 >1.8 >1.5
–30 to 200°C –30 to 150°C
(However, care about process connection temperature)
Maximum 4 MPa
Accuracy Measurement distance < 15 m: ± 15 mm + 0.01% FS
Measurement distance ≥ 15 m: ± 0.1% of Reading + 0.01% FS
Based on a basal condition
Output DC4 to 20 mA (HART)
Power supply 2-wire loop powered system
Rated voltage: DC 24 V
Voltage range: DC 18 to 35 V (Standard type), DC 18 to 28 V (Explosion proof type)
Housing Aluminium alloy
· IP65 (IEC 60529 / JIS C0920)

· Explosion proof specification
II 1G Ex ia IIC T6…T3
II 1G Ex ia IIB T6…T3
(IIB is applied for the probe coated by FEP)
When using this model at the hazardous area as in intrinsically safe circuit,
the safety barrier shall be used in the non-hazardous area in 2 line loop.