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Level Guided Radar with 2-wire system Micro Pulse Level MeterTGF1100



*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The TGF1100 series is a unique 2-wire continuous level-measuring instrument using TDR technology. The simple and compact design suitable for tank-top installation with no moving parts has a high cost performance with the maintenance-free and low cost installation by the simple 2-wire loop powered system. This continuous level meter become applicable to wide services inclouding various liquid and powders using by coaxial and single cable probes. The keypad operation on the front display allows easy parameter setting including zero point adjustment and measuring range. The micro pulse level meter issuitable for tank and silo inventory for liquids and powders as well as level controls of the intermediate tanks and vessels.


  • · Wide applications by TDR technology
  • · 2-wire loop powered system with less cable and low installation cost
  • · A current output is selectable from level, distance, volume or mass
  • · From - 50°C to 100°C and from full vacuum to 1.6 MPa
  • · No influence from changes in temperature, pressure or density
  • · The probe can be cut in short on site to the application
  • · Start to measure with a minimum setting after installation
  • · Measuring Max. 20 min liquids and 10 min powders
  • · Easy mounting on top of tanks
  • · No moving parts and less maintenance
  • · Display language in English, Japanese or others and easy operation

Standard Specifications

Measuring object Measuring material: Liquids, slurries, powders, granules (5 mm or less in diameter)
Measuring principle: Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
Measuring variables: Level, distance, volume, mass
Probe type and
measuring range
Single cable probe ( Φ 2 mm) / 1 to 20 m / Liquids, slurries
Single cable probe ( Φ 4 mm) / 1 to 10 m / Powders, granules
Coaxial probe ( Φ 14 mm) / 0.73 to 4.07 m / Liquids
Outputs 4 to 20 mADC
Accuracy Liquid measurement: ± 20 mm (Less than 10 m), ± 0.2%/R.D. (More than 10 m)
Powder measurement: ± 40 mm
Temperature of process connection -50 to + 100°C
Pressure 0 kPa(abs) to 1.6MPa
Measuring conditions
Dielectric constant: 
More than 1.6 for coaxial probe
More than 2.1 for single cable probe
Max. dia. of granules: 
5 mm or less in diameter
Ambient temperature
- 40 to + 80°C (Display: - 20 to + 60°C)
Storage temperature: 
- 50 to + 85°C
Protection class IP66 / IP67
Power supply 2-wire loop-powered
Rated voltage: 24 V DC (Acceptable voltage: 14 to 30 V DC)
Process connection: 
Stainless steel 316L
Single cable probe: 
Stainless steel 316
Coaxial probe: 
Stainless steel 316L
Process connection G3/4" male, G1" male, 3/4" NPT male, 1" NPT male
Display LCD display / 4 button operation key