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Level Digital Tank Gauge TransmitterDM4N Series

DM4N Series

DM4N Series PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The DM4N series is a digital data transmitter with a built-in microprocessor.
Installed at tank side, the DM4N series collects and transmits liquid level data in digital signals from tank gauges as well as liquid temperature from sensors inside tanks and status contact signals from valves or others used for loading and unloading operations.
Keeping the compatibility of signals and installation methods with the existing well-established DM4 series the DM4N has enhanced its reliability much more.


  • · Cone-roof tanks
  • · Floating-roof tanks for crude oil
  • · LPG tanks with pressure
  • · Tanks for refinery and others.


  • · No transmission error with resolution of 1 mm thanks to digital transmission
  • · High reliability and conversion accuracy with ± 1mm
  • · Easy calibration by using an in-house counter for transmitter monitoring
  • · Easy expansion and replacement because of compatibility with the existing other TOKYO KEISO's level transmitters
  • · Connectable to the existing spot type and multipoint averaging temperature sensors
  • · Remote monitoring and control in combination with TOKYO KEISO's digital tank data receiving instruments.
  • · Continuous power supply 85 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz for AC types
  • · Flameproof construction complying with TIIS d2G4 is standardized for all models
  • · Lightning protection circuit with much more increased safety than existing models is provided as standard

Short Specifications

Model DM4N-1 DM4N-2 DM4N-3
Old Model DM4-1 DM4-2 DM4-3
Communication type 1-way 2-way 1-way
Applicable level gauges 1) FT-1000 series Spring balance type
2) FT-2000 series Servo balance type
3) FW-2200 series All wire servo balance type
4) FP-1000 series Magnet float type
5) Other manufacturers' tank side level gauges. Couplings are available.
Connectable receivers
as examples
1) CATAMS Tank monitoring system
2) NMR5000 series
3) DIR-530 series