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Flow CNG Fuel Gas Thermal FlowmeterTH-1800-T / TRX-700-CNG

TH-1800-T TRX-700-CNG

TH-1800-T / TRX-700-CNG PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The CNG fuel gas flowmeter is so accurate as to meet a demand of measuring the CNG directly by making
the most use of our well-established mini-thermal flowmeter for the industrial use.
The mini-thermal flowmeter TH-1800 series has a temperature element as standard.
The converter TRX-700 series accommodated in a cubicle has additional functions as an option.
In addition of AC power supply the converter can be powered by 12 or 24 VDC supplied from batteries also.
The flowmeter can measure additionally a total flow volume in a required period of time.


  • · The flowmeter measures the mass flow rate without being influenced by the change of pressure or temperature from its measuring principle.
    If the change in pressure or temperature is significant, the flow rate is compensated with additional sensors.
    The measured value is output in the standard pressure and temperature conditions.
  • · ±1.5% of reading in the range of 5% to 100% of full scale based on our conditions for calibration
  • · The total 5 sizes of 15, 20, 25, 40, 50 mm cover the flow range from minimum 0.3 m³/h (nor) in 15 mm up to 200 m³/h (nor) in 50 mm. The flow rate is the one converted into the city gas.
  • · By configuring 5 types of gas composition, the most suitable one can be selected with a setting by users.
  • · No regular replacement of parts is required thanks to no moving or wearing parts.
  • · Powered by AC or DC it indicates or outputs such signals as flow rate, tatalized flow and alarm output in analog and also via RS485.

An example of the system is shown below