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Flow Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Filling MachinesEGM5500C



*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The compact and lightweight electromagnetic flowmeter EGM5500C is easy to install on filling machines and is suitable for a batch control of beverages, detergents or other liquids. Its lightness, compactness, high accuracy, easy cleaning and durability have been realized by putting customers’ requirements together and by making use of our field experiences. Designed on the concept of simplicity and reliability, it is powered by 24 VDC with only a pulse output by the open collector without local indication.
The straight measuring tube made of zirconia ceramic allows an easy cleaning and low pressure loss. Either 10 or 15 mm in size suitable for mounting on the machines is selectable. It will meet various requirements of filling machines including high temperature services.


  • · Compact and lightweight design suitable for mounting on the machines

    Dimensions: 179 × 107 × 50 mm, Mass: 1.4 kg

  • · Easy cleaning and low pressure loss

    The measuring tube made of zirconia ceramic allows an easy cleaning and low pressure loss with a straight construction and without any moving parts. It is compatible with CIP requirements for hygienic use.

  • · Environmentally-resistant

    The fully sealed construction endures severe conditions as in cleaning operation or in humid atmosphere. No ingress of moisture or water mists thanks to all welded body without any openings.

  • · High speed pulse output

    It assures a high resolution and accuracy with the high speed pulse output as fast as the maximum 10,000 Hz with a resolution of 0.1 mL per pulse.

Standard Specifications

Measuring fluid Liquids with coductivity 5 μS/cm or more and water with 20 μS/cm or more
Measuring principle Electromagnetic
Fluid temperature -20 to 140°C
Fluid pressure 0 Pa abs to 1.6 MPa for measuring tube.
Flow rate range
Size Recommended
filling flow rate (mL/sec)
filling volum (mL)
Minimum filling time (second)
10mm 60 to 200 100 1.5
15mm 150 to 600 200 1.5
Size 10, 15 mm
Installation Wafer (Sandwiched with flanges) A modification is required.
Optional installation using 4 screws is available.
Wetted part materials Measuring tube: Zirconia ceramics
Electrodes: Platinum cermet
Body material Body housing: Stainless steel
Accuracy ±0.2% of reading + 1 mm/sec
Measuring water with flow velocity ≥ 1m/s, conductivity 400 μS/cm,
Temperature 20°C, pressure 0.1MPa, upstream straight runs 10 D or more,
Downstream 5 D or more
Output Pulse output by open collector
Power supply 24V DC
Enclosure classification IP69K (IEC 60529/EN 60529)