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Flow Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Mountable on FillersMMM4011C

Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Mountable on Fillers MMM4011C


*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

MMM4011C, a lightweight, compact Coriolis mass flowmeter, is ideal for mounting on various filling machines for liquids such as beverages and cooking oil, and for controlling their mass flow rate.
By combining our expertise and customers’ demands, we have developed a lightweight, compact, highly accurate, and durable flowmeter.
This product has a simple design; it comes without an indicator, operates on 24 V DC, and the output information is pulse output (open collector) only.
OPTIBATCH MMM4011C can directly measure the mass flow rate of liquids regardless of changes in their physical properties(temperature, density, viscosity, conductivity, and others).
OPTIBATCH with two meter sizes of 10 and 15 mm is ideal for the process of filling low-conductivity liquids including oil, pure water, and molasses.


  • · Lightweight, compact design; mountable on fillers

    189 × 333 × 59.5 mm / 2.8 to 2.9 kg

  • · Measuring mass flow rate

    Directly measures the mass flow rate of liquids.

  • · Measuring low-conductivity liquids

    Measures the flow rate of oil, pure water, molasses, and other low-conductivity liquids.
    Suitable for filling processes that are difficult for electromagnetic flowmeters to measure.

  • · Excellent resistance

    The fully-sealed structure withstands cleaning and high humidity.
    The perfect weld without any openings keeps out water and moisture.

  • · High resolution and accuracy with high-speed pulse outputs A setting

Short Specifications

Measuring object Liquid
Measuring principle Coriolis force
Fluid Temperature 0 to +100°C
Pressure 0Pa(abs) to 4MPa (for the measuring tube only)
Size/Flow range
Meter size Recommended
filling flow rate (g/sec)
Minimum filling
volume (g)
Minimum filling
time (sec)
10mm 15 to 370 23 1.5
15mm 50 to 1200 75 1.5
Process connection Sanitary fittings
1" ISO2852 ferrule (equiv. to IDF ferrule)
1/2" Tri Clover clamp
Materials Wetted part: SS316L
Housing: SS316
Accuracy ±0.15% of reading (see the next page for details)
Conditions: water, 20°C , and 0.1 MPa (accredited by UKAS EN17025)
Repeatability: depending on the fi lling time
Output Open collector pulse
Power supply 24 V DC ±20%
Enclosure IP67(IEC 60529/NEMA6)