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Flow Converter for Electromagnetic FlowmeterMAGMAX® EGC100W



*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

MAGMAX EGC100W is the high-performance separate type converter for electromagnetic flowmeters with the compact housing.
Improved self-diagnostic functions include empty pipe detection and conductivity monitoring.
The easy-to-use converter in the field, EGC100W is used in combination with the MAGMAX series primary head.
* MAGMAX is registered trademark of the TOKYO KEISO CO.,LTD.


  • · Standardized high-performance functions such as pulse output, bi-directional measurement, double ranges and status outputs including flow rate alarms
  • · High accuracy of ±0.5% of reading
  • · High speed data processing for quick response. Suitable for batch process control and pulsating flow
  • ·  The extendable excitation system allows applications to much fluid noise such as slurry
  • · The LCD with backlight provides 1 to 3 lines of versatile indication
  • · Equipped with a quick setup function to readily respond to changed flow range, pulse rate, etc. The push buttons allow you to alter the settings without removing the cover of conversion section
  • · 10kHz high-speed pulse output. Capable of responding to short batch processes

Main Specifications

Primary head for
EGS1000, EGS2000, EGS4000, EGS5000, EGS6000
Excitation Square wave
Flow velocity Max.: 0 to 12m/s
Min.: 0 to 0.3m/s
Materials of body Converter housing: Aluminum alloy
Painting Siloxane coating
Indication Wall mount, Optionally 2 inch pipe mount
Accuracy Indication and Pulse output:
1) Used in combination with following primary heads
  EGS2000, EGS4000, EGS5000 (size 10 to 250 mm), EGS6000
  ±0.5% of reading: For flow velocity ≥ 0.5 m/s
  ±0.3% of reading: For flow velocity < 0.5 m/s
  + Velocity error of ±0.001 m/s

2) Used in combination with following primary heads
  EGS1000, EGS5000 (size 2.5 to 6 mm)
  ±0.5% of reading: For flow velocity ≥ 1 m/s
  ±0.4% of reading: For flow velocity < 1 m/s
  + Velocity error of ±0.001 m/s
Indicator Dot matrix LCD With backlight
Changeover (2 screens), One to three lines are displayed at one screen.
Contents of indication; Flow rate, velocity, total flow, conductivity, and coil temperature
Output Current output: 4 to 20mA DC
Pulse output: Open collector pulse
Standard Functions · Customer’s free measuring unit setting function
· Automatic zero adjustment function
· Automatic zero adjustment function
· Bi-directional flow measurement function
· Double range measurement function
· Excitation current frequency switching function
· Self-diagnosis function
· Memory save function for power fail
· Testing function
· Push button setting function
· HART communication
Power Supply 100 to 230V AC
24V DC
Protection class IP66/67(IEC 60529)