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Flow Ceramic tube Electromagnetic flowmeter Primary headMAGMAX® EGS5000

Ceramic tube Electromagnetic flowmeter Primary head MAGMAX<sup>®</sup> EGS5000


*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

MAGMAX® EGS5000 is a wafer type primary head of electromagnetic flowmeter with a ceramic tube. From 2.5 mm to 100 mm, 10 sizes are lined up.
This meter is used in combination with MAGMAX® series converter of electromagnetic flowmeter.
EGS5000F excels in corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and durability. It is most suitable for highly accurate measurement of chemical liquids and slurries.
* MAGMAX® is registered trademark of the TOKYO KEISO CO.,LTD.


  • · As a combination of a ceramic tube and platinum electrodes is adopted, this meter excels in corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and durability.
  • · For the sizes from 2.5 to 15 mm, zirconia ceramic which is tolerant of thermal shock has been employed for the tube.
  • · Ceramic tube excels in dimensional stability compared to resin lining tube; this meter maintains high accuracy in a long term.
  • · Reducing tube has been employed: The influence of flow velocity distribution at the upstream has been decreased. Accuracy and stability have been improved. Measuring tube has become more rigid.
  • · Stainless steel housing is employed.
  • · High accuracy of ±0.5% of reading.

Main Specifications

Converter for combination MAGMAX series EGC100W, EGC300F/W or others
Excitation method Square wave
Measuring object Liquids
Min. Conductivity Size 25 to 100 mm: 1 μS/cm
Size 4 to 15 mm: 5 μS/cm
Size 2.5 mm: 10 μS/cm
(Water: 20 μS/cm, applicable for all sizes)
Flow range Max. 0 to 339 m³/h
Min. 0 to 0.0054 m³/h
Flow velocity range Max. 0 to 12 m/s
Min. 0 to 0.3 m/s
Fluid temperature -60 to +180°C
(Construction according to ATEX is classified into the temperature grade.)
Fluid pressure Size 2.5 to 80 mm: 0 Pa (abs) to 4 MPa
Size 100 mm: 0 Pa (abs) to 1.6 MPa
The limitation for fluid temperature and pressure is subject to gasket for earth ring.
Process connection Wafer connection
(This meter is put between two flanged pipes.)
Connection: Equiv. to JIS 10K/20K/30K/40K, ANSI class 150/300, DIN PN16/40
Wetted part material
Measuring tube: 
Size 2.5 to 15 mm: Zirconia ceramics (ZrO₂)
Size 25 to 100 mm: Alumina ceramics (Al₂O₃)
Size 2.5 to 15 mm: Pt CERMET
Size 25 to 100 mm: Platinum-Iridium
Earth ring: 
Stainless steel/SS316
(Option: Equiv. to Hastelloy® B or Hastelloy® C, Titanium, Tantalum)
Gasket for earth ring: 
PTFE jacket type with joint sheet core or Fluorocarbon resin
Measuring accuracy ±5% of reading
(It depends on the type of converter combined with EGS5000F.)
Power supply Supplied from a converter
Flameproof specification
General type: 
ATEX approval type: 
Size 2.5 to 15 mm: II2 GD EEx me ia IIC T6…T3
Size 25 to 100 mm: II2 GD EEx de ia IIC T6…T3
Protection class IP66/67(IEC 60529)