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Flow Mini Thermal Mass FlowmeterTF-600Series


TF-600Series PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

TF-600 Thermal Mass Flowmeter measures mass flow rate of gas (Air, Nitrogen etc) without being influenced by the change in the temperature and pressure.
Since the function is simplified and the design is reconsidered thoroughly, compactness, lightness and cost efficiency are realized, while the conventional high performance is remained.
It is suitable for flow monitoring in general industry and being built on equipment.


  • · Low cost
  • · Influences due to changes in pressure and temperature are negli-gible small.
  • · High speed response: 90% within 2 seconds.
  • · Whole quantity passage detection system makes easy maintenance possible.
  • · Newly adopted general-purpose temperature sensor offers high durability.
  • · Standard power supply is used and the analogue output of flow rate is obtained easily.

Short Specifications

Measuring object Air, Nitrogen
Flow range 0 to 20L/min
0 to 30L/min
0 to 50L/min
0 to 80Lmin
0 to 100L/min
Fluid temperature 0 to 60 °C
Fluid pressure -0.05 to 1.0MPa
Output signal DC0 to 5V
Accuracy ±5% F.S.
Response 2 seconds for 90%
Material Body and Flow path: SCS14, SUS316
Sensor: POM, Ni, Polyimide, Epoxy
Seal: FKM
Process connection Thread: Rc 1/4
Power supply ±12V DC, +85mA, -25mA