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TM-1400 PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

TM-1400 is the converter especially used in combination with TC-1000, TC-2000, TC-3000 and EP-TC-1000/2000V series mass flow controllers. It supplies power to flow controllers, indicates instantaneous flow rate with scale factor, and sets flow rate manually or externally with a change over switch. Moreover, it outputs optionally the totalizing pulse of flow rate. These versatile functions allow easy configuration of flow control system for various kinds of gases. Integration into one unit from independent function has realized space saving and simple, easy installation work.


  • · As small as DIN 72 square, light and space saving
  • · Necessary functions for process control and management are integrated into one unit as standard:
    Instantaneous flow rate indication and output, totalizing pulse output, and flow rate setting function
  • · Easy operation as all parameters can be set at front panel

Short Specifications

flow controllers
TC-1000, TC-2000, TC-3000, EP-TC-1000/2000V
Flow controller output: 
exclusive cable standard 2m,
maximum 100m as an option
External setting: 
Either DC4 to 20mA, DC0 to 5V, DC1 to 5V is selectable.
Manual setting: 
Switching to external or manual setting, or ratio setting to external input with 10 rotations analogue dial vernier and minimum graduation 1%.
Analogue output: 
DC4 to 20 mA, Accuracy: ±0.1 % F.S. additional to detector accuracy
DC0 to 5V, Accuracy: sensor accuracy Selectable either two case
otalizing pulse output: 
Open collector pulse, Scaling factor 60 to 12000c/h F.S.
Zero adjustment Zero adjustment trimmer
Power suppy AC85 to 240V (50Hz/60Hz) 15VA
Installation Panel mounted with DIN72 size
Enclosure IP20 equivalent