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Flow Thermal Mass Flow ControllerTC-1000/2000


TC-1000/2000 PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

TC-1000/2000 is a series of Thermal Mass Flow Controller which is consist of a thermal mass flowmeter and control valve.
Two pressure ratings are ready, they are;
  General version TC-1000
  High pressure version TC-2000

The measurement is free from the change in the operating pressure and temperature and very accurate control of various gases is possible.

Recommended Applications

  • · Constant flow supply of various gases
  • · Proportional mixing of two different gases in combination with Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Short Specifications

  General version TC-1000 High pressure version TC-2000
Measuring object Gases
Pressure range Max. 0.99 MPa Max. 10 MPa
Possible scale range Min. 0 to 5 mL/min (nor)
Max. 0 to 500 L/min (nor)
Min. 0 to 50 mL/min (nor)
Max. 0 to 100 L/min (nor)
Control range ± 1% F.S. (at 25°C)
Control differential
Type TC-1100
0.06 to 0.3 kg/cm²
0.18 to 0.5 kg/cm²
50 to 80% of Primary pressure and within1MPa variation.
Refer to Technical Guidance for details
Temp. range 5 to 50°C
Control accuracy ± 1% F.S.
Response Within 3 sec.(98%)
Material SUS316, Ferrite stainless steel(SHOMAC), PTFE, FKM, CR
Process connection Rc1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1 thread, OD1/4, 3/8 SW, VCR, VCO, etc.
Power Supply DC +15V 25mA
DC -15V 320mA
Supporting instruments TCP Power supply unit
TCDU Indication unit
TCSU Setting unit
TM-1400 Mini convertor unit