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Flow Thermal Mass Flowmeter ControllerHM1000


HM1000 PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

HM1000 is the thermal mass-flow controller which is the combination of a mass flowmeter for gas with control valve. A mass-flow rate can be measured and the flow rate of various gases is controlled with high accuracy without being influenced by change of temperature and/or pressure. There are two types available: a)low-cost type and b)general-purpose type.


  • · Wide selection range

    Available for wide range from 0 to 5mL/min(nor) to 0 to 20 L/min(nor).

  • · High accuracy

    ±1.5%F.S. (Standard type)

  • · Complete supporting instruments

    Power source unit, digital indicator and potentiometer (Available with controller only)
    Easy installation and wiring

  • · Handily usable and cost effective


  • · Utility gas supply lines in industries
  • · Various instruments for analysis
  • · Gas constant flow control
  • · Gas mixture and division system

Main specifications

Type Low-cost type
General-purpose type
Measuring object Gases
Flow range Min. 0 - 5mL/min (nor)
Max. 0 - 20L/min (nor)
Operating temperature 5 - 45 °C
Max. operating pressure 0.97 MPa
Accuracy ±2%F.S. ±1.5%F.S.
Material Flow path: SUS316
Seal: Fluoro rubber
Process connection Standard: 1/4" SW
Option: 1/4" VCR
Power supply
Dedicated power supply unit or 
Output DC0 - 5V