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Flow Flow Set Valve for liquid applicationCX-1510 Series

Flow Set Valve for liquid application CX-1510 Series

CX-1510 Series PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

CX-1510 FLOW SET VALVE is a constant flow valve for liquids of water or equivalent for water.
Even inlet or outlet pressure of process changes, CX-1510 maintains constant flow of liquid.
CX-1510 is suitable for the stable supply of the water supply line of various facilities.

Short Specifications

Fluids Water or Low viscosity liquids
Fluid pressure Max. 1.2MPa
Control differential
pressure range
15 to 80A: 4.9 to 44 kPa
100A or more: 10 to 44 kPa
Fluid temperature Max. 100°C
Available size 15mm to 150mm
Process connection 15A to 100A: JIS10K Flange
15A to 50A: Rc thread, NPT thread,
Flow setting Fixed
Possible setting range Max. 22 to 30m³/h (nor) (100mm)
Min. 0.7 to 1.1m³/h (nor) (15mm)
Control accracy ±5% (Against set value)
Materials Body: SUS304, SUS316
Flange: SUS304, SUS316
Internals: SUS304, SUS316