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Flow Mini wheel FlowmeterW-2000/W-2000N

W-2000/W-2000N PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

W-2000 and W-2000N are the rotary vane type flowmeters suitable for various liquid flow measurement.
W-2000 has a window through which operators can watch the rotation of the wheel and the flowing status of liquids.
W-2000N covers wider range of temperature.
Made by precision casting, both compact-designed and cost-effective flowmeters are suitable for the measurement of the various cooling water devices and semiconductor chillers.


  • · Pulse or current output
  • · Visible wheel rotation
  • · Covering wide temperature range from -20 to 100°C
  • · Wide variety of material groups to cover many kinds of fluids
  • · Easy overhauling, cleaning and maintenance
  • · Low price owing to intensive cost down
  • · Complying with RoHS

Short Specifications

Model W-2000 series W-2000N series
for low and high temperature services
Liquids including water, Fluorinert, Galden, ethylene glycol. The liquid viscosity is 2.0 mPa·s or less.
Max. 6.0 to 60 L/min
Min. 0.5 to 3 L/min
Max.1.0MPa(temperture is 40°C or less)
Min. 0.4MPa(temperture is 80°C or less)
5 to 80°C -20 to 100°C
Rc3/8, Rc1/2, Rc3/4 thread
Material Flow path body: SCS14
Monitoring window: Polycarbonate (Standard)
SCS14 Blind type (No monitoring)
Wheel: PPS (Magnet mold)
Bearing: Carbon containing PTFE or Glass containing PTFE
Shaft: Quartz glass
Bush: PTFE or Carbon containing PTFE
Flow path body: SCS14
Monitoring window: SCS14
O-ring: FVMQ (Fluorosilicone rubber)
Wheel: PPS + Fe (Plastic magnet)
Bearing: Carbon containing PTFE
Shaft: HC-276
Bush: PPS
Output Pulse output type
Open collector pulse (Unscaled)
Power supply: 5 to 18 VDC 12mA
Electric connection: 3 core cable

Current output type
Output: 4 to 20 mADC
Power supply: 24 VDC ± 10% 50 mA
Electric connection: 4 core cable
Pulse output type
Output: Open collector pulse (Unscaled)
Power supply: 5 to 12 VDC 12mA
Electric connection: 3 core cable
Accuracy ±3%F.S, ±5%F.S.(flow range 0.5 to 3L/min)
Construction Protected against water jets
(Equivalent to IP65)