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Flow Mini wheel FlowmeterW-200


W-200 PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The W-200 is a rotary vane type flowmeter for measuring liquids.The rotary vane containing a magnet is placed in the stream. Theflow rate is measured without contacting the wheel by detectingthe number of rotations which is proportional to the flow rate. The compactly designed flowmeter with its body made of resin is non-metallic for all wet parts.


  • · Pulse, voltage, or current output
  • · Visible wheel rotation
  • · The model of its body made of resin is non-metallic for all wet parts
  • · Easy overhauling, cleaning and maintenance
  • · Compact shape

Short Specifications

Measuring liquid Various liquids (To be less than 2.0mPa・s)
Flow Range Max. 5 to 50L/min
Min.0.3 to 1.0L/min
Fluid Pressure Max. 0.7MPa
Allowable pressure differs with specifications.
Fluid Temperature Max. 80°C
Allowable temperature differs with specifications.
Process Connection Rc1/4, 3/8, 1/2 thread
Power Supply/
W-21□: DC5 to 18V, 12mA / Open collector pulse
W-22□: DC24V±10%, 20mA / DC0 to 10V
W-23□: DC24V±10%, 50mA / DC4 to 20mA
Accuracy ±3%F.S. (Over flow range 1 - 10L/min)
±5%F.S. (Flow range 1 - 10L/min)
±8%F.S. (Upto flow range 1 - 10L/min)
Material Body: Polypropylene or PVC or SUS316
Shaft: Quarz glass
Window: Poly-carbonate
O ring: NBR
Combination with
W-200 and Indicators
W-21□: IR1600, RR930N、RR940N
W-22□: IR-6000
W-23□: IR4600, TM-2000