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Flow Mini Turbine FlowmeterTW-080/090


TW-080/090 PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The TW-080 and TW-090 mini-turbine flowmeters are axial flow type wheel flowmeters. Guided by the built-in vortex guide, the fluid flowing spirally rotates the wheel made of plastic magnet.
Thus the flow rate is measured by detecting the rotation of the wheel with a magnet sensor. The flowmeter is ideal for various cooling water system with a compact design thanks to precision casting and excellent cost performance.

Recommended applications

  • · Cooling water lines for semi-conductors, LCD and Silicone wafers
  • · Cooling and cleaning water lines in Foods, Pharmaceuticals and cosmetincs
  • · Air conditioning, solar-cells and metal surface treatment

Short Specifications

Measuring object Water and various liquids without solids
(Viscosity: Less than 2mPa·s)
Flow range Min. 0.2 to 2 L/min
Max. 2 to 20 L/min
Fluid pressure Maximum 1.0MPa(at 25°C)
Fluid temperature 0 to 60°C ( Without freezing )
Material Body: SCS14
Wheel: Nylon 12 + Ferrite
Shaft: ZrO²
Ball bearing: ZrO²
O-ring: NBR
Connection Rc1/4, Rc3/8 thread
Accuracy ±3%F.S.
Output TW-08□: DC0 to 5V
TW-09□: NPN Open collector pulse (Unscaled pulse)
Power supply TW-08□: DC12 to 24V, 18mA
TW-09□: DC12 to 24V, 12mA