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Flow Vortex FlowmeterSWIRLMAX® VFM4200

Vortex Flowmeter SWIRLMAX VFM4200


*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

SWIRLMAX® is a 2-wire, all-in-one type vortex flowmeter with temperature and pressure sensors.
The VFM4200 can easily correct flow measurements of steam and gases for temperature and pressure. There is no need for additional sensors and correctors.
The VFM4200 is ideal for managing the energy of steam and gases.


  • · Steam, gases, and liquids
  • · Flow correction for saturated steam by temperature as standard The VFM4200 contains a temperature sensor and stores a table of saturated steam density in the amplifier.
  • · Corrosion-resistant all-stainless-steel construction
  • · Robust, maintenance-free construction with no moving parts
  • · Optional pressure sensor


Meter size (Flange type) 15 to 300mm
(Wafer) 15 to 100mm
Measured fluid Gas, steam, and liquid
Temperature -40 to +240℃
Pressure Max.10MPa Up to flange rating
Viscosity Up to 10 mPa·s
Wetted parts material Stainless steel (316L)
Measuring range
· Water 
(20℃) : Min. 0.46m3/h to Max. 1,772m3/h
· Air 
(0℃/0MPa) : Min. 6.1m3/h(nor) to Max. 20,250m3/h(nor)
(0℃/2.0MPa) : Min. 45.6m3/h(nor) to Max. 20,2355m3/h(nor)
· Saturated steam 
(0.1MPa) : Min. 5.9kg/h to Max. 22,996kg/h
(2.0MPa) : Min. 22.9kg/h to Max. 158,512kg/h
Reynolds number(Re) 10,000 or higher
·Re ≧ 20,000 : 
±0.75% of reading (liquid)
±1% of reading (gas and steam)
·10,000 < Re < 20,000 : 
±2% of reading
(liquid,gas, and steam)
Power supply 24 V DC (12 to 36V DC)
Explosion proof JPN, ATEX, IECEx