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Flow Ultrasonic Flowmeter for small liquid flowUCM-04A/ 06A

UCM-04A/ 06A

UCM-04A/ 06A PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The SFC-900 is used as a converter for UCUF series ultrasonic flowmeters. Using patented Subtracting Correlation Method by TOKYO KEISO CO., Ltd., the converter offers stable flow measurement by eliminating drastically the adverse effects caused by the bubbles contained in semiconductor and chemical liquid handling processes. The value-added simple circuit configuration of Subtracting Correlation Method has realized high-performance flowmeter at inexpensive price.


  • · Integration of a detector and a converter makes the piping and wiring simple
  • · One consolidated body saves installation space
  • · 3 digit indication with 7-segment LEDs and bar graph indication with LEDs on the front face make your reading easy even at dark place
  • · The dedicated configuration software sets the alarm and other parameters
  • · The meter containing clean detector consisting of wet parts made of all PFA have no moving parts, no sealing pocket where liquids would stagnate
  • · Zero adjustment and auto trigger functions with a hall element
  • · Parameter setting and flow monitoring from your PC via RS-485 communication


  • · Pure water and ultra-pure water services in semiconductor manufacturing plants
  • · CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) slurries
  • · Chemical treatment facilities
  • · Corrosive chemicals
  • · Other liquid flow measurement of very low and low rate

Short Specifications

Model UCM-04A UCM-06A UCUF-04M
(UCM Version) +
Measuring fluids Liquid general (exclude liquids with bubbles and permeable liquids)
Flow range Max.: 0 to 3.0 L/min
Min.: 0 to 0.2 L/min
Max.: 0 to 8.0 L/min
Min.: 0 to 0.4 L/min
Max.: 0 to 3.0 L/min
Min.: 0 to 0.2 L/min
Fluid sonic range 1000 to 2200 m/s
Fluid kinetic viscosity 0.3 to 40mm²/s
Fluid temperature 10 to 60°C
Fluid pressure 0 to 0.4 MPa
Wet parts: 
Heat resistant ABS
Cable gland: 
Fluorocarbon rubber
Cable sheath: 
Body: PFA
Tube: PFA
Sensor cover: PP
Cable fitting: PP
Cable sheath: PTFE
Sensor cap: PFA
Jacket: PVDF
Heat resistant ABS
Cable gland: 
Fluorocarbon rubber
Process connection PFA Tube ends
Connection size 6.35OD x 4.35ID tube 9.53OD x 6.35ID tube 6.35OD x 4.35ID tube
Current output 4 to 20 mA DC, 0 to 20 mA DC
Accuracy ±1% F.S. for analog output when flow velocity 1m/s or more
Alarm output NPN open collector ,1 contact (high or low), 30 VDC,20mA or less
Low cut-off 0 to 30% of F.S.
Dumping 0s,0.2s,0.5s,1s,2s,3s,5s,10s
Status indication By 7 segments display
Commnication Modbus protocol RS-485 Half duplex asynchronous, Baud rate 19200 bps, Multi drop Max. 32(Addresses are set by configuration software)
Power supply 24V DC± 10%, Consumption approx. 80mA
Cable 5m of dedicated cable is attached as an accessory. 10m cable is optional.
Enclosure Equivalent to IP64 (indoor use)