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Flow UCUF Converter for ultrasonic flowmetersSFC4000



*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The UCUF series ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for measuring small flow rates of ultra-pure water and chemical liquids.
All wet parts are made of special grade PFA molds and have no moving parts or sealing mechanism such as an O-ring which would accumulate liquid components.
The simple and smooth construction leaves no residues and is ideal for processes such as semiconductor manufacturing which requires ultimate cleanliness.
The SFC4000 is a panel-mount type converter for UCUF series ultrasonic flowmeters.
Using state-of-the-art technologies such as Digital Signal Processing and Tokyo Keiso tuning, the converter has reduced significantly the adverse effects caused by the bubbles contained in semiconductor and chemical liquid handling processes.
The SFC4000 has display, setting,and communication functions. While checking the status on the display, operators can perform centralized control via MODBUS communication


  • · Enhanced resistance to bubbles
  • · Panel-mount type with an indicator.
  • · RS-485 MODBUS communication is available.
  • · High-viscosity fluids with a kinematic viscosity of up to 40mm²/s
  • · Accuracy: Within ±1% of the reading at flow velocity of 1 m/s or more
  • · CE Making

Standard Specifications

Model SFC4000
UCUF-04K/06K, UCUF04E/06E, UCUF-04M/06M
UCUF-10K/15K/20K, UCUF-10M/15M/20M
Measuring fluid Liquids
Fluid temperature 5 to 90℃
Fluid sound speed 400 to 2500 m/s
Fluid kinematic
0.3 to 40 mm²/s
Flow range Min. 0 to 0.05 L/min Max. 0 to 80.0 L/min
Input BNC connector ×2(dedicated cable needed)
Pulse output Open collector output, load rating: 30V DC, 20mA or less
Frequency pulse output, totalized pulse output, or FAULT output(selectable)

·Frequency pulse output
 Pulse rate max. 1000 Hz (full scale)
 Duty ratio: 1:1

·Totalized pulse output,
 Outputs flow rate unit pulse

·Fault output
 Outputs when abnormality of the converter or detector is in detected.
 NO or NC selectable.
Instantaeous flow rate Current output type: 4-20 mA(load resistance: 500Ω or less)
Voltage output type: 0-10V,0-5V or 1-5V(load resistance: 1MΩ or more)
Low flow cutoff 0 to 25 % F.S
Communication RS485 protocol: MODBUS RTU (Max.32 units can be connected)
Power supply 24 VDC±10%
Enclosure IP20 Indoor use
Installation Panel mounting