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Flow Clamp-On Type Ultrasonic FlowmeterUCL / SFC



*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

UCL/SFC is a clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for PFA piping.
There is no need for additional piping work because the flow rate can be measured just by sandwiching the existing tube. The piping is virtually kept clean.
This meter is most suitable for processes requiring cleanliness of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, etc.

 · Detector: UCL (Large diameter, Small diameter)
 · Converter: SFC010C (1CH), SFC011C (6CH)


  • · Clamp-On

    The flow rate can be measured simply by sandwiching the existing tube with the meter.
    It is essentially clean because it does not come in contact with the inside of the pipe.

  • · High-speed processing

  • · Zero adjustment

    By performing zero adjustment before measurement, you can start the measurement for the fluid under the optimum conditions.

  • · Abundant functions

    · The seven-segment LED display (red, 4 digits) indicates the instantaneous flow rate and status.
    · Various analog outputs of instantaneous flow rate (select according to output types).
    · Frequency output (1 kHz F.S.), error output, instantaneous flow rate upper/lower limit alarm,
      integrated flow rate output, and integrated flow rate upper limit alarm (open collector).
    · RS-485 communication enables parameter setting and flow rate data acquisition.

  • · Applicable standard

    · Applicable EMC standards: EN61326-1, EN61326-2-3
    · RoHS2 compliant

Short Specifications


Model UCL
Fluid Liquids in general (without bubbles)
Flow range Max. 0 to 80 L/min
Min. 0 to 3 L/min
Accuracy ±2% R.D. (0.8 to 80 L/min)
±0.015 to 0.464 L/min (0 to 23.3 L/min)
Temperature 10 to 60℃
Pressure 0 to 0.5MPa
Tube size Outer diameter [mm] × Inner diameter [mm]

mm size: 
6 × 4
8 × 6
10 × 8

Inch size: 
6.35 × 3.95
6.35 × 4.35
9.53 × 6.38
9.53 × 7.53
12.70 × 9.55
19.05 × 15.90
25.40 × 22.25
Material PPS (clamp band for large diameter: PP)
Construction Equivalent to IP20 (indoor use)


Model SFC010C SFC011C
Channel 1 6
Display 4 digits (instantaneous flow rate, status)
Digital output: 
Selected from frequency, integration,alarm, and error.
Open collector, duty 1:1
Load resistance 30 V DC, within 10 mA
Analog output: 
4 to 20 mA DC (standard) load resistance 500Ω or less
Power supply 24 V DC ±10%
Construction Equivalent to IP64 (indoor use, when installed to piping)
Installation DIN rail installation