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Flow Integral type Wafer-Cone Differential pressure flowmeterVT Series

Wafer-Cone VT Series

VT Series PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Wafer-Cone® differential pressure fl owmeter and one from a variety of differential pressure transmitters are integrated into one flowmeter.
It can measure mass flow rate of liquids, gases with pressure and temperature compensation, and saturated steam.
It also serves in the hazardous area of chemical plants.
You can make use of existing transmitters by combining them to the models without transmitters.


  • · Simple installation

    Wafer connection makes installation simple. Flowmeter body flanges are designed to match the pipe flanges by guiding the flowmeter in the center line by fastening bolts.

  • · Short straight runs

    The required straight runs are less than 1/5 of those required for orifi ce and vortex flowmeters.
    The narrow installation space allows simple and flexible piping arrangement plan.
    It leads to space and cost saving.

  • · Low pressure loss

    A proper selection of ß ratio allows lower pressure loss than orifi ce plate with the same flow rate. It improves energy efficiency of the plant.

  • · 3-way stopcock installed

    By operating its handle a newly developed 3-way stopcock can switch isolation, equalizing or measuring mode.
    This stopcock prevents mechanically such wrong operations as running off seal liquid in the impulse piping and overpressurizing to the one side of differential transmitter which might occur with the traditional three way manifold.

  • · Wide variety of transmitters

    Explosionproof type, pressure and temperature compensation type, and other types are available.
    You can make use of your transmitters also.

Short Specifications

Measuring object Liquids, Gases, Saturated steam
Flow Range
Max. 0 to 119.73 m³/h (100A, at 20°C)
Min. 0 to 5.51 m³/h (25A, at 20°C)
ax. 0 to 10385 m³/h(nor) (100A, at 0°C,0.99MPa)
Min. 0 to 77m³/h(nor) (25A, at 0°C,0MPa)
Saturated steam: 
Max. 0 to 10745 kg/h (100A, at1.6MPA)
Min. 0 to 103 kg/h (25A, at0.1MPA)
Accuracy Range
Max. Rangeability: 1:14
Fluid Pressure Liquids: -98kPa to 2MPa
Gases: -98kPa to 1MPa
Saturated steam: -98kPa to 1.6MPa
Fluid Temperature Liquids: -20°C to 120°C
Gases: -20°C to 120°C
Saturated steam: Max.204.3 °C
Connection Wafer
Connection Rating JIS10K/20K,ANSI Class150/300,DIN PN16/40,GB PN1.6/4.0
(Meter) Size
25, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100(mm)
1, 1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2, 3, 4(inch)
Body: SCS14A
Cone: SUS316
H-Connector: SUS316/SCS14
Oval flange gasket: PTFE
3Way cock piece: 
Body: SCS14A
O-ring: Gasket PTFE and Fluorocarbon rubber Ethylene propylene rubber is also available.
Differential transmitter: 
It depends on a model
/Power supply
VTG Series: 
Differential transmitter is provided by others.
VTF Series: 
FCX-AIII (Model FKC) differential pressure transmitter made by Fuji Electric Co. is installed in this series.
16.1 to 45 VDC / 2wire 4-20mADC(Non explosionproof or Flameproof by TIIS)
VTM Series: 
EDR-N7C differential pressure transmitter made by Hitachi High-Tech Control Systems Co. is installed in this series.
11.4 to 42 VDC / 2wire 4-20mADC(Non explosionproof or Flameproof by TIIS)
This instrument is used for the mass flow measurement of gas and saturated steam.
Accuracy ±1.0 to 1.5 %(F.S.)

Wafer-Cone is registered trademarks of McCrometer, Inc. The flowmeters are designed, fabricated and sold by TOKYO KEISO CO., LTD under the license of McCROMETER, Inc. U.S.A.