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Flow Integral type Wafer-Cone Differential pressure flowmeterVNT series

Wafer-Cone VNT series

VNT series PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

VNT series is the transmitter integrated type Wafer-Cone® differential pressure flowmeter; VH series Wafer-Cone® flowmeter and precision transmitter are integrated into one flowmeter. Its principle is based on the Bernoulli's theorem like orifice flowmeter. The V-cone inside pipe throttles flow and generates differential pressure corresponding flow rate. The precision cast body made in lost wax process has a simple and rigid construction. Succeeding various features of V-cone flowmeter, it realized low cost flow measurement. It measures liquids, gases and saturated steam with high temperature.


  • · Easy installation with wafer construction
  • · Direct mounting of compact differential transmitter requires no impulse piping
  • · Measuring liquids, gases and steam
  • · Less than 1/5 of orifice straight runs
  • · Stable differential pressure at low flow rate
  • · Stable low differential pressure measurement allows wide rangeability
  • · Stable low differential pressure measurement allows low pressure loss
  • · Durable structure against wear or adhesion and maintenace free with stable operation


  • · Steam and water flow management
  • · Flue gas flow management
  • · HVAC(Heating ,ventilation and Air conditioning) system
  • · Water treatment facilities
  • · Refuse incinerator plants
  • · Co-generation plants

Short Specifications

Measuring Fluids Liquids, Gases, Saturated steam
(Meter) Size
25, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100 mm
Connection Wafer
Connection Rating JIS10K/20K, ANSI150/300, DIN PN16/40, GB PN1.6/4.0
Fluid Temperature Liquids: Max.120 C
Gases: Max.120 C
Saturated steam: Max.204.3 C
Fluid Pressure Liquids: Max.2 MPa
Gases: Less than 1MPa
Saturated steam: Max.1.6MPa
Flow Range
Max. 0 to 119.73m³/h(at 20°C)
Min. 0 to 5.51m³/h(at 20°C)
Max. 0 to 10385m³/h (nor) (at 20°C,0.99 MPa)
Min.0 to 77m³/h (nor) (at 20°C,0 MPa)
Saturated steam: 
Max. 0 to 10745kg/h (at 1.6 MPa)
Min.0 to 103kg/h  (at 0.1 MPa)
Indication Accuracy ±1.0% to 1.5% F.S.
Accuracy  Range
Max. Rangeability: 14:1
Body: SCS 14A,  Cone and support: SUS316
3 way cock piece: 
Body: SCS 14, cock axis: SUS316,
Packing: PTFE, O-ring: fluorocarbon rubber
Indication parts: 
Body: SUS316 and SCS14A, Diaphragm: SUS316L,
Drain plug: SUS316, O-ring: fluorocarbon rubber
V-Cone β Ratio 0.45, 0.50, 0.55, 0.60, 0.65, 0.70, 0.75, 0.80  8 kinds
Flow Direction Horizontal
Power Supply 24 VDC±10%
Indication 6 digit LCD with back light, for instantaneous flow rate or totalizing flow indication (change-over by manual or automatic)
Current Output 4 to 20 mA (2-wire), output accuracy: ±0.5%F.S. at 23°C
Pulse Output Open collector

Wafer-Cone is registered trademarks of McCrometer, Inc. The flowmeters are designed, fabricated and sold by TOKYO KEISO CO., LTD under the license of McCROMETER, Inc. U.S.A.