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Tokyo Keiso is one of Japan's leading measuring instruments manufacturers.
Our products are of high reliability and can be found among installation bases worldwide.

Power & Energy
Thermal & Nuclear Power Plants
Steel & Non-ferrous plants
Flow meters are critical for fuel delivery and cooling systems in smelters
Oil & Petrochemicals
Tokyo Keiso's level instruments are widely used on Japan's Oil Storage farms. It is one of the leading instrument suppliers to petrochemical and engineering plants.
Chemical / Pharmaceutical /Biochemical plants
Continues to contribute to a fine field
Food & Beverage
Tokyo Keiso's instruments used in production processes as well as deliveries to food centres
Semiconductor sector
Considerable delivery record for wet stations and all production processes
Ventilation / Air conditioning / Sanitation
Flow measurement and control in cooling, hot water and steam lines
Environmental field
Widely used in sewage, incinerators and garbage disposal systems
Oil & LNG tankers
Used on Oil, Product and Chemical tankers ranging from coastal ferries to VLCC and ULCC