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On Flow Measurement F-0001

1000℃ High Temperature Air Flow Measurement [1]/[2]

Environmental issues have been the main topics of private and public discussions, of official policies and of industrial concern and inventiveness. Various ideas are being tested in laboratories and the field all over the world to try to find better waste disposal systems. We have recently installed our V Cone Flowmeter for 1000°C High Temperature AirFlow measurement at a Waste Gasification and Power Generation Plant with considerable success. The following is the details.

Background of the order and delivery

This facility is a test project jointly run by the Government, a University Laboratory and the Plant maker. The object is to gasify waste and thus generate electricity; something in the order of "killing two birds with one stone!"

What is V Cone Flowmeter

The new concept of differential Pressure flow sensor
The V Cone Flowmeter is, in theory, a differential pressure type flow sensor like Orifice, Venturi, etc. But, thanks to the patented unique flow restriction design, V Cone has the following advantages over other types of differential pressure flow sensors:
· Minimum straight runs required for installation
· Wide range ability
· Low pressure loss
The detected differential pressure is output by standard DP transmitter like in the ordinary orifice system.

Why was V Cone selected for this application

Hitherto, Pitot tubes and Orifice plates have mainly been used for this kind of application. However they both have problems relating to the above features. On the contrary, the V Cone is able to meet field application requirements as above!

The specification of the delivered product

Line size : 200mm(Conn. size is 500mm because of heat insulation requirement) Object to be measured : Air, 1000°C, atmospheric pressure Scale range : 0 to 800 Nm3/h

Actual product

Local panel

CRT indication during measurement

A V Cone Sensor, which is made of Inconel, is located at the center of the tube. Supporting gadgets are provided for increased safety. The detection part has 200mm diameter and outer tube has 500mm diameter. In between the sensor tube and outer tube, Ceramic fiber plates are inserted for heat insulation to reduce mechanical stress caused by heat. The pressure tapping pipes are designed in rounded shape to relieve the expansion stress caused by the high temperature. Heat insulation ceramic plate is finally mounted. Ceramic plate is used instead of metal plate for better heat insulation effects and to reduce total flowmeter weight.


V Cone mounting portion
V Cone mounting portion

Total view of the plant
Total view of the plant