Compact size Indicating Totalizer with CE marking and complying with RoHS


IR1600 is an indicating totalizer. Connecting with flowmeters having pulse outputs, it indicates alternatively instantaneous or totalizing flow output. Scaling, alarms and other parameters can be set through a key operation on front panel. Supplying built-in power of 12V DC for sensor, it receives 3-wire pulse signals. IR1600 compact housing of DIN48 x 24 is just the right size for your space saving control panel.

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Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Applicable Tokyo Keiso's Flowmeters

Well-matched flowmeters
  Pulse output flowmeters
  W series wheel flowmeters
  VF series vortex flowmeters
  Any flowmeters attached with pulse outputs
  MAGMAX electromagnetic flowmeters
  UL ultrasonic flowmeters

Short specifications

Pulse input in combination with pulse output sensor
Full scale setting: 1Hz to 1000Hz
· NPN Open collector or dry contact pulse
Voltage at open terminals: 10.5V, Current at short circuit: 5.5mA
· Voltage pulse  L: 0 to 2V, H: 3.8 to 30VDC
External input
· To receive NPN open collector output or dry contact output
Selectable from following functions
Reset input:  Totalizing count or alarm is reset by ON input
Inhibit input: Sensor input is inhibited by ON input (Input becomes 0 compulsorily)
Hold input:   Indication is kept hold by ON input
Instantaneous flow rate indication:  Max. 4 digits LED
Totalizing count indication: Max. 5 digits LED
LED lamps:  3 points
(Red LED lamp is illuminated with alarm output OUT1 "ON", Red LED illuminated with OUT2 "ON" and Green LED illuminated while totalizing count indicated.)
Re-output : Pulse output (Synchronized with totalizing pulse)
  : Current output 4 to 20mA DC(optional)
Indication accuracy Instantaneous flow rate: ±0.05% F.S.
Loop power source 24V DC,100mA
Power supply
AC Power type: 85 to 264V AC free voltage, approx. 15VA
DC Power type: 10.8 to 26.4V DC, approx. 10W
Dimension Width 48mm, Height 24(35)mm, Depth 50(64)mm
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