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General Information G-0001

Procedure for Spare Parts Ordering

Generally, Tokyo Keiso Products are so called Order Made products and they are designed and fabricated according to each customer's operating conditions/specifications. Thus, the spare parts for our products may be different even for products with the same model code.

All our products are managed and controlled by our Manufacturing Number. When ordering spare parts, the Manufacturing Number of the original main order (henceforth designated as Old Manufacturing Number) and the required parts name must be specified.

Location of Manufacturing Number

The manufacturing number can be confirmed by any of the following methods.

  •  · Confirmed from the "Product Specifications" document.
    (The manufacturing number is described as the manufacturing number or MFG.NO.)
  •  · Described on the name plate or sticker attached to the product.
  •  · If there is no name plate,
    it is engraved on the scale plate, glass taper tube, and the outer peripheral part of the flange.

Example of manufacturing number
  F20 - □□□□□□ – 1
  L99 - □□□□□□

Example of serial number
On our Manufacturing Number

The Manufacturing Number is specified as following :

Manufacturing Number
Product group identification * Product group
F Flow meters
ES Flow meters
CF Coriolis flow meter
EF Electromagnetic Flow meters
UF Ultrasonic Flow meters
L Level Instruments
  • * Other symbols may be used.