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On Flow Measurement F-0006

Flow Measurement of Pure/Ultra Pure Water

Pure/Ultra Pure water is mainly used for cleaning process of semiconductor industries. We, at Tokyo Keiso, are in a position to offer different types of flowmeters for this application. We are pleased to introduce the following examples and recommendations.

Problems and difficulties in measurement of Pure/Ultra Pure water flow

Lack of electric conductivity in measuring fluid
Pure/Ultra Pure water does not have electric conductivity. Thus, Electro-Magnetic flowmeters, which are ideal for general liquid flow measurement, cannot be used.

High requirement for clean-ness
Considering the fact that Pure/Ultra Pure water is mainly used for cleaning processes at semiconductor facilities, production / introduction of particles and metallic ions must be avoided at all costs.

Delivery examples and recommendations

Variable area flowmeters
They have a float in a tapering tube and it would be supposed that the float might produce particles. However, in actual operation, the float does not touch or rub against the tube and the number of particles getting into process liquid is therefore very limited.
However, Tokyo Keiso insists on taking no chances and we, therefore, produce and recommend Teflon-made flowmeters to solve the problem of possible metallic ions.

Recommended models :

For minute flow For medium flow
P-771 P-772 AC-T
P-771 P-772
(With valve)
All-Teflon Purgemeter All-Teflon Clean Flowmeter
Ultrasonic flowmeters

Ultrasonic flowmeters, which measure flow rate without any contact with process liquid, are ideal flowmeters for this application.

Recommended models :

For small size lines For medium to large size lines
UCUF-04 SFC-450
UCUF-04 SFC-450 UL330
All-Teflon UCUF Clamp on type
Vortex flowmeters

Vortex flowmeter with Teflon(PFA) material is available. No moving parts, compact design and affordable cost!

Recommended models :

VF-3000 VF-4000
All-Teflon Vortex Flow Sensor
All-Teflon Vortex flowmeter