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On Flow Measurement F-0001

1000°C High Temperature Air Flow Measurement [2]/[2]

Tapping and By-pass piping


The length of by-pass piping is approx.2.5m. The temperature at the differential pressure transmitter is normal room temperature even when the measurement air is 1000°C.
Special slope design is adopted for by-pass piping to prevent entry of drain water, if any.

DA ports

Pressure ports for V Cone Flowmeter

Pitot tubes are not applicable due to the fact that the differential pressure produced by the flow velocity is only several mm H2O. In such condition, a mechanical pressure gauge is mounted as an alternative to DP transmitter. 

Control Panel
CRT indication during measurement Local panel

Local panel

CRT indication during measurement
Temp. controller indicating 1009°C temp. Indication of V Cone flowmeter output (After Temp. compensation)


We at Tokyo Keiso are quite pleased that we are in no small way contributing to the solution of environmental problems! Our V Cone Flowmeter has proved to be the long awaited for solution for high temperature air/gas flow measurement.

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