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Flow Mini-Wheel FlowmeterW-300


W-300 PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The W-300 is a rotary vane type flowmeter for measuring liquids.
The rotary vane containing a magnet is placed in the stream.
The flow rate is measured without contacting the wheel by detecting the number of rotations which is proportional to the flow rate.
A wide variety of materials for body materials and various kinds of outputs are available to meet every application.


  • · Pulse, voltage output
  • · Visible wheel rotation
  • · The model of its body made of resin is non-metallic for all wet parts
  • · Easy overhauling, cleaning and maintenance
  • · Complying with customers’ requests for materials and connectors.

Short Specifications

Measuring object Various liquids (To be less than 2.0mPa·s)
Flow range Max. 5 to 50L/min
Min. 0.3 to 1L/min
Fluid pressure Max. 0.7MPa
Allowable pressure differs with specifications.
Fluid temperature Max. 80°C
Allowable temperature differs with specifications.
Process connection Rc1/4,3/8,1/2、NPT1/4,3/8,1/2
Power Supply/
W-31□: 10 to 26 V DC / Open collector pulse
W-32□: ±12 V DC / 0 to 5 V DC
W-37□: 12 V DC / 0 to 5 V DC
W-38□: 12 V DC / 1 to 5 V DC
Accuracy ±3%F.S.:W-3□3 to 3□8 (Over flow range 0.75 to 5L/min)
±5%F.S.:W-3□1 to 3□2 (Upto flow range 0.6 to 3L/min)
±8%F.S.:W-311 to 31
Material Body: Polypropylene or PVC or PTFE or Brass or SUS316
Shaft: Quartz glass
Window: Poly carbonate
O ring: NBR
Combination with
W-300 and Indicators
W-31□: IR1600, IR-4600, IR-6000, RR930N, RR940N
W-32□: IR4600, TM-2000
W-37□: IR4600
W-38□: IR4600