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Flow Liquid Flow Control Unit for Small Flow RateFC-3000 Series

FC-3000 Series

FC-3000 Series PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

FC-3000series is a small flow control unit for liquids consisting of a control valve and a controller.


  • · Stabilization of flow

    FC-3000 can be installed independently on a branch line without affecting or being affected by the operation of the other branches.

  • · Control of concentration

    FC-3000 achieves easy and stable continuous control of thinning process of chemicals by proportional control on the chemical line and water line.


  • · Control Valve (FCV-3000)

    ·High corrosion resistance
    ·Precise control of small flow
    ·Infiltration resistant construction

  • · Controller (FCA-3000)

    ·High speed control
    ·Flexible operation

Short Specifications


Model FCA-3100 FCA-3200 FCA-3300
Present flow rate DC4 to 20mA DC0 to 10V DC0 to 5V
Set flow rate DC1 to 5V DC0 to 10V DC0 to 5V
DC24V Voltage input
Flow rate DC1 to 5V DC0 to 10V DC0 to 5V
Valve trouble
Open collector(Photo coupler output)
Indication 7 segments LED, 4 figures × 2 lines
Alarm: Red LED, Action: Green LED, Unit: Orange LED
Measuring flow rate output accuracy ±1%F.S.
Control accuracy ±3% of set flow rate (More than or equal to 30% of Full Scale)
±5% of set flow rate (Less than 30% of Full Scale)
Control response time Approximately 3 to 5 seconds
Power supply DC24V ± 10%
Construction Indoor use (IP20 equivalent)

Control Valve

Model FCV-3000 FCV-3000T FCV-1000S
Application Pure water,
Chemical liquids
(For small flow)
Slurries Pure water,
Chemical liquids
(For large flow)
Flow range Max. 0.2 to 2L/min
Min. 0.0025 to 0.025L/min
Max. 0.05 to 0.5L/min Max. 1 to 10L/min
Min. 0.2 to 2L/min
Driving part High resolution stepping motor
Process connection Tube end connection
Wetted part materials PTFE, PFA THV PCTFE, PTFE, PFA
Connection tube size OD6.35 × ID4.35mm OD4 × ID2.8mm OD9.53 × ID6.35mm
OD12.7 × ID9.53mm
Controllable D.P. range 0.05 to 0.2MPa
Max. Op. Pressure 0.3MPa
Fluid Temp. 5 to 50°C 10 to 50°C 5 to 50°C