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Flow Converters for ultrasonic flowmeters UCUF with small size for liquidsSFC-900



*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The SFC-900 is used as a converter for UCUF series ultrasonic flowmeters. Using patented Subtracting Correlation Method by TOKYO KEISO CO., Ltd., the converter offers stable flow measurement by eliminating drastically the adverse effects caused by the bubbles contained in semiconductor and chemical liquid handling processes. The value-added simple circuit configuration of Subtracting Correlation Method has realized high-performance flowmeter at inexpensive price.


  • · Intensified bubble resistivity
  • · Compact and light weight construction-detector and converter are of separate type
  • · Easy-to-wire converter with plug-in connection
  • · General purpose BNC connector common to existing products
  • · Easy and simple parameter setting corresponding to measuring liquids
  • · Ideal detector with clean construction
  • · Corrosion resistant and easy-to-install detector
  • · Measurement of high kinematic viscosity liquids as high as 40mm²/s
  • · Accuracy is within ±1% of the reading at flow velocity l m/s or more
  • · Versatile indication modes and output functions
  • · Cleared EMC test: 
    EMI/EN55011: 2007 (Group1, Class A)
    EMS/EN61326: 2006
  • · ROHS compatible

Applications in combination with UCUF series flowmeters

Flow supervision of pure water, ultra-pure water and chemicals for the cleaning and CMP equipment for semiconductor and LCD manufacturing processes.

Specifications in combination with flow detectors

Applicable detectors UCUF-04MB, 04PB, 04K, 06PB, 06K, 10K, 15K, 20K
Measurable fluid Liquids
Fluid temperature 10 to 60°C
Fluid sound speed 1000 to 2200 m/s
Fluid kinematic viscosity 0.3 to 40 mm²/s, however the one for UCUF-03 is 0.8 to 2mm²/s. 
Flow  range Min. 0 to 0.05 L/min,  Max. 0 to 80.0 L/min
Input Detector signal via exclusive cable with BNC connector.
Output Either frequency pulse output or fault output is selectable
Open collector
· Frequency pulse output
· Totalized pulse output
· FAULT output(output if abnormality occurs in converters or detectors)
High or Low alarm (2 points): Open collector
4 to 20mA DC (0 to 10V DC and 0 to 5V DC as an option )
Low flow cutoff 0 to 25% Full Scale
Linearizer Automatic or manual (Max. 20 line-segment approximation) available
Communication RS485 communication, Protocol: MODBUS, Max. 32 of flowmeters can be connected
Power supply 24V DC±10%, 100mA (Inrush current: 1.0A/2ms)
Enclosure classification IP20 (Indoor use)
Installation DIN rail installation