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Flow Converter for UCUF ultrasonic flowmeterSFC017



*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The UCUF (Ultra-Clean Ultrasonic Flowmeter) series Ultrasonic Flowmeter is designed for very low flow rate applications.
The nonwetted Sensor design, constructed of specific grade PFA material, makes the UCUF Series an ideal choice for semiconductor industry, where extreme cleanness of pipe line inside is of primary importance.
The SFC017 is used as a converter for UCUF series ultrasonic flowmeters.
Using state-of-art signal processing technology, this converter offers stable flow measurement by minimizing adverse effects caused by the bubbles contained in the flow liquids.
Thus, it has achieved the reliable flow measurement of semiconductor manufacturing process and chemical liquids handling process.
Furthermore, the stability of flow measurement at low flow rate has been improved significantly by the upgrading of time resolution and high speed signal processing compared to the existing products.


  • · New signal processing has improved anti- bubbles capability of converter.
    Normally, ultrasonic flowmeter has difficulty in measuring fluid containing bubbles, because the bubbles interfere with ultrasonic signal passage.
    In virtue of DSP and accumulated field experience, anti-bubbles capability has been remarkably improved.
  • · Compact and light weight
    The detector and the converter are of separate type.
    Compact and easy wiring because of the plug-in construction of the converter.
  • · Coaxial connector
    General purpose BNC coaxial connector common to existing products
  • · Cleared EMC test conforming to EN61326-1: 2006
  • · Lead free compatible
  • · Optimal measurement because of zero adjustment before suring
  • · Measurement of high kinetic viscosity liquids as high as 40mm²/s Ideal detector with clean construction
  • · Corrosion resistant and easy installation
  • · Accuracy: within ±1% of the reading at flow velocity 1m/s or more
  • · Versatile functions including followings
    Alarm outputs of instantaneous flow rate or fault status output
    Various analog outputs of instantaneous flow rate are selectable

Short Specifications

Model SFC017
Applicable detectors UCUF-04MB, UCUF-04K, UCUF-06K
Measuring fluid Liquids
Fluid temperature 10 to 60°C(Consult us about 61°C or more.)
Fluid sound speed 1000 to 2200m/s
Fluid kinematic viscosity 0.3 to 40mm²/s
Flow range Min.: 0 to 0.05 L/min, Max.: 0 to 8.0 L/min
Input Min.: 0 to 0.05 L/min, Max.: 0 to 8.0 L/min
Pulse output Either frequency pulse output or fault output is selectable
·Frequency pulse output
 Open collector pulse
 Load rating: Within DC30V, 15mA
 Pulse width: Duty 1 : 1
 Pulse rate: 0 to 1000Hz (Full scale)

·FAULT output (Output will be made if abnormalities occur in converter or detector.)
 Open collector pulse
 Load rating: Within DC30V, 15mA
Alarm output High or Low alarm (2 points)
Open collector pulse
Load rating: Within DC30V, 15mA
Current output DC4 to 20mA Load resistance: Within 500Ω
Low flow cutoff 0 to 25 %F.S.
RS485 communication function, Protocol: MODBUS
Up to 32 units can be connected
Power supply 24V DC ± 10 %, 110mA or lower
Enclosure IP20 (Indoor use)
Installation DIN rail installation