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Flow Metal Tube Type Variable Area FlowmeterNLZ Series

Metal Tube Type Variable Area Flowmeter NLZ Series

NLZ Series PDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The NLZ series is a compact, metal tube type variable area flow meter with a face-to-face dimension of 250 mm.
This series consists of NLZ1000 (general type and intrinsically safe type) and NLZ2000 (flameproof type). Each model has various types including a local indication without power supply type and a field bus type. The NLZ series can measure flow rates of any processes and devices.
The standard material for the wetted parts is 316L stainless steel.
Fluororesin lining is also available for highly corrosive fluids. As optional indicator and transmitter functions, alarm output, 4–20 mA DC output, HART® communication, and FOUNDATION® Field bus can be added. The NLZ series has acquired JPN, ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI, and KOSHA explosion proof certifications.


  • · The face-to-face dimension is unified to 250 mm for all connection sizes from 15 mm to 100 mm, which allows for easy piping design.
  • · Intrinsically safe construction: NLZ1000 series
  • · Flameproof construction: NLZ2000 series

Short Specifications

Meter size 15 to 100 mm
Process connection
Flange connection: 
JIS 10K, 20KRF
ASME Class 150, 300RF
*Flowmeters for high pressure can be made. Contact us for details.
Fluid temperature -20 to +300°C (Local indication type)
-20 to +200°C (Transmitter type)
Fluid pressure 4.1 MPa at ambient temperature
3.3 MPa at 120°C
Wetted part materials
Metal tube type: 
316L SS or equivalent.
Lining type: 
Denatured PTFE.PFA. or PTFE.
Flow rate range
0.04 to 100 m³/h: 
Liquids equivalent to water, density 1.0 g/cm³, viscosity 1.0 mPa·s
1.2 to 600 m³/h (nor): 
Gases equivalent to air at 0°C and 0 MPa[1atm].
Indication accuracy ±1.5% F.S.
Rangeability 10 : 1