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AM3000 Series カタログPDF

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The AM3000 series micro flowmeter is a metal tube flowmeter for small flow measurement.
The all-metal construction ensures precise measurement even in high-temperature and high-pressure services.
Thanks to its compact design, the AM3000 is suitable for assembling onto various devices.
It can also be used for small-bore industrial processes.
As outputs, current output and current output with HART®communication are available.
Instead of conventional TIG welding, braze pressure welding(BPW) with high-frequency induction heating is used for the AM3000 series to ensure an integral metallic construction.
Local indication, pneumatic output, and alarm output functions are available in the M-900 series.


  • · Small and light design facilitates installation onto panels as well as process pipings.

  • · Non-corrosive materials such as titanium and MA276 are available to meet your specifi cations.

  • · HART® communication protocol
  • · Explosion-proof construction
  • · Protection rating: IP67


Fuid Liquids and gases
Flow range [Liquids] Water (density of 1.0g/cm³, viscosity of 1.0mPa·s)
  Min: 0 to 2 L/h
  Max: 0 to 600 L/h

[Air] Air (0°C, 1atm)
  Min: 0 to 60 L/h(nor)
  Max: 0 to 17000 L/h(nor)
Accuracy ±2% F.S. to ±5% F.S.
Temperature -20 to 200℃
Pressure 20MPa.max
Process connection Rc1/4 to Rc3/4、10 to 25A flange
Tube material SUS304、SUS316、SUS316L、MA276、Titanium
Construction Non-explosion proof
Flame proof enclosures
Intrinsic safety
Output 4-20mA current output
4-20mA with HART®