FW-9000N Series



FW-9000N series tank gauge is the successor to the well received and widely used FW-9000 series for its reliability and variety of application. Making the most of reliable, durable and highly accurate mechanism of FW-9000, FW-9000N has become more reliable and user-friendly by improving performances. Consequently, FW-9000N has the interchangeability with current FW-9000 series in terms of installation methods and interfaces with other equipment. Its noise resistivity and lightening protection performance have improved significantly. The intensified automatic self-diagnosis and self-adjustment functions have made FW9000N more user-friendly.


·  Bonded tanks
·  LPG, LNG, Petroleum, Fuels, Water supply and sewage systems, Chemicals, Power plants, Food and beverages
·  Liquid measurement, 2-liquid interface and a-point-measurement of liquid density, multi-points measurement of liquid density for profile presentation


Those items marked as are added or improved features from existing models.
For bonded tanks
The increased noise resistivity and lightening protection assure you reliable operation as complying with superb level 4 or more stipulated in IEC61000-4,-5
  Complying with RoHS requirements
  High pressure tanks (Sphrical)
Having the same dimensions and materials as existing models, FW-9000N compatible to Japanese explosion-proof requirements are interchangeable with existing ones to make the replacement easy
Parameters can be set without opening housing with 4 magnet sensors attached to the indicating window
Power source of 100 to 240 VAC 50/60Hz is acceptable
Standard 2 sizes of measuring drums cover wide measuring ranges from small to gigantic tanks
·  FW-9000N covers high design pressure up to 3.0MPa
·  Electronic circuits are housed in the isolated compartment from drum compartment
·  FW-9000N can be connected to the existing spot type and multipoint averaging temperature sensors
·  Precision type stepping motor has realized high accurate measurement with the microprocessor unit
·  Reliable operation with powerful self-diagnosis
·  High durability with non-contact type balancer without using slip ring
·  In addition to high-speed serial data communication, FW-9000N has various communication tools which are compatible to TOKYO KEOSO's existing well-established transmitters. It makes your renovation and replacement easy
·  In combination with DIR-110N series maximum 6 contact signals transmitted between field and control room serve for monitoring and control of equipment around the tank yard in addition to liquid level monitoring
·  Other 4 to 20mA measuring analog signal such as pressure or flow can be digitalized and transmitted
·  Analog 4 to 20mA signal such as level and temperature can be output additionally to serve high speed data processing carried out by host computers

Short Specifications

Mechanical specifications
Liquid level
detection methods
Digital controlled electric servo balancing type consisting of small size displacer, measuring wire and wire drum
Measuring range Maximu: 60m
Temperature Liquid: -200 to +300°C
Ambient: -20 to +55°C (Temperature of main body)

However, the liquid and the moisture inside the wire drum room shall not freeze over, nor adhere.
*Not suitable for the use environment where the mass of displacer changes.
Pressure Maximum: 3MPa
(1) Liquid level measurement
±(0.1+20 · b/ρ · +0.06L)mm
ρ: Density of liquid to be measured
A : Cross section area of displacer (cm2)
L : Measuring range (m)
b : Coefficient Standard ball bearing spec. (Shaft dia.Ø3) b=1,
PTFE Shaft spec. (Shaft dia.Ø3) b=2
(2) Interface measurement
In case of density difference of 0.2
±(1.7 · a + 0.06L)mm
a: coefficient depending on interface conditions 1 to 5
(3) Density measurement : ±0.01g/cm3
*Under reference conditions.
3", 4", 5", 6" JIS5K/10K/20K/30KRF, ANSI150/300, JPI150/300 Flange connection
Displacer guiding Stand pipe method as standard,
Non-guiding and guide wire methods as an option
Electrical and software specifications
a. Temperature: Pt100Ω spot temp. sensor, Average temp. sensor, Multi-spot average temp. senor
b. Analog signal: 4 to 20mA DC 1point. Conversion accuracy ±0.5% F.S.
a.  Serial data output to control room
b. Serial data output to explosion-proof tank side receiver
c. Contact outputs  Numbers of contacts: 2
Combination: SPST (1a or 1b)
d. Analog outputs: 2 points of 4 to 20mADC for level and temperature
Presentation 2 indication parts by LCD
Enclosure Water-tight (FW-9····NW) or Flameproof Exd II CT6 (FW-9····NE)
Power supply AC100 to 240V、50/60Hz
Consumption Maximum 25VA

FW-9000N Catalog Download

For further details, refer to the attached PDF file for the Catalog to download.

FW-9000N Catalog PDF

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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