Ultrasonic Flowmeter For Liquids 3 beam sensing


®UL3400C is a converter-integrated ultrasonic flow meter for inline liquid measurement with 3 pairs of ultrasonic sensors. The 3-beam measuring method and digital signal processor (DSP) offer highly accurate, stable measurement in a broad range of applications.

The UL3400C can be used independently of changes in physical or chemical properties of liquids such as density, viscosity or electric conductivity. A wide range of sizes spanning 25 to 2000 mm are available.


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Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Recommended Applications


·  High accuracy: ±0.5% of reading. 3-ultrasound beam technology enables highly accurate measurement ranging from laminar to turbulent flow.
·  The digital signal processor ensures stable measurement and minimizes the influence of bubbles and particles.
·  No moving parts and maintenance-free. Suitable for measuring a variety of liquids including oil and solvent, as well as for replacing turbines or PD flow meters
·  Easy installation with compact design
·  4 to 20 mA current output, pulse output, and status output
·  Explosionproof types are available. ATEX (Europe) approved, TIIS(Japan) pending
·  Complying with:EMC EN61326-1:2013
        Safety requirements EN61010-1:2010
        RoHS Decision No. 768/2008/EC

Short Specifications

Measuring method Time-flight ultrasound, 3beams
Measuring fluid Liquids with solid particle contact ≦5% in volume.
Bubble≦2% in volume
Temperature -45 to +140℃
Fluid pressure Max.10 MPa as per flange rating
Measuring range Flow velocity : Min.0 to 0.3 m/s
                          Max.0 to 20 m/s
Flow range Min.0 to 0.531 m3/h
Max.0 to 226194 m/s
Nominal size 25 to 2000mm Contact Tokyokeiso for the size over 2000mm
Process connection Flanges : Equivalent to JIS10K,JIS20K
                  ASME class 150.300.600.
                  EN1092-1 PN6.
Wetted part materials Measuring tube/Flange : Size25 to 65mm (SS316)
                                             Size80 to 300mm(Carbon steel)
Measuring accuracy For flow velocity ≧1 m/s (±0.5% of reading)
For flow velocity < 1 m/s (±0.3% of reading )
                                             ( velocity error ±0.002 m/s)
Display Blue dot matrix LCD with back light

4 to 20 mA DC (Max.22mA) Load resistance Max.1 KΩ

Open collector output 32 V DC,100mA or less

Power supply

100 to 230 V AC (85 to 253 V)

24 V DC (11 to 31 V)

Protection class IP66/67
Explosion proof ATEX〔EU ATEX directive(94/9/EC)〕

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